niklas muhs


delphi method user interface on the ipad


2 weeks (2023)


process design, interface, implementations


a system leveraging agents to mediate a consensus through a structured communication method.

discussions are vital for fostering collaborative problem-solving and enhancing collective understanding. however, they can be hindered by ambiguity and vagueness, emotional connotations, and differences in jargon and cultural background.

in a short investigation, i wanted to explore how agents could mediate a consensus through a structured communication environment.

agents of experts communicating to other experts

the agent functions as a mediator that translates argumentative language without interfering with the arguments.

delphi user interface on an iphone

the agent features:

  • adaptive learning about the individual's language and perception of arguments
  • makes aware of implicit assumptions and ambigious language.
  • measures consensus by stable and majority-based agreement.

if agreement is not achieved, the process proceeds through thesis and antithesis to progressively work towards synthesis.

experts go through rounds of mediation with their agent until consensus is reached

the agents facilitate the delphi method as a framework for structured discussion. the framework offers several advantages such as anonymity, bias reduction, and iterative feedback to increase understanding among group members.

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